Tiger Band West
(a loosely connected subsidiary of FOTB)

Tiger Band West is a bunch of former Band members who are now, or recently have been, graduate students at UC Berkeley or Stanford (or are just living in the San Francisco Bay Area), and some people who have gotten pulled into the Band orbit because they hang out with them.*
Big Three Game
Some Band Alumni and friends have been gathering to watch the Big Three game for the last few years.

One of them flew all the way out from California.  These are the photos and the movies...
If Princetonians are crazy about Reunions, just think what happens when you add in the Band factor...

Most of the group goes back for Reunions. Here are the photos, mostly for the Class of '94, includes a lot of band alumni.
Pictures from the Princeton Yale Game 2003 Reunions 2004
Pictures from the Princeton Harvard Game 2002 Reunions 2003
    Movies from the game. Reunions 2002 I      Reunions 2002 II
Pictures from the Princeton Yale Game 2001  

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